For Geza, With Love

Earlier this month the world lost a good man and I lost a friend. Geza was young, full of joie de vivre and standup guy. The tragic accident that took his life rallied his many circles of friends to send him off in true Hungarian Viking style.

I was on flower duty.

Have you ever had to choose flowers for an extra special occasion? There’s so much stress to not eff up and scar the family.

The directive was “less is more” and I spent days searching for arrangements that the family and, more importantly, Geza would approve of. With a mix of Holiday flare (white poinsettias) elegance (orchids) and a nod to Hungary (did you know the tulip was the national flower?) coupled with the efforts of many more, our pal Geza was celebrated.


Photos by TLA

Best. Hanukkah. Gift. Ever.

Who wouldn’t want David Bowie wrapped up in a bow as a gift? My friend Jill surprised me by framing this David Bowie is exhibition poster, from our Spring trip to Paris, for Hanukkah…and I’m not even Jewish! Happy Festival of Lights to all.

TLA - David Bowie Is